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ImageStock CodeDescriptionSizePrice
FD815Burgess Wellbeing Skin and Coat - Coat Shine and Hairball Control1.5Kg 11.99
FD197Burgess Wellbeing Sensitive - Gentle Digestion1.5Kg 11.99
FD206Burgess Wellbeing Slender - Weight Control1.5Kg 11.99
FD029MCanagan Free-Run Chicken Freshly Prepared - Grain Free
For Cats of All Life Stages
70% Nutritious Animal Ingredients, 30% Vegetables and Botanicals
1.5Kg 15.49
FD030MCanagan Scottish Salmon with Herring and Trout - Grain Free
For Cats of All Life Stages
75% Nutritious Animal Ingredients, 25% Vegetables and Botanicals
1.5Kg 16.49
FD1071Meowing Heads "Kittens Delight"
This chicken complete kitten food has all the right ingredients for your bundle of fluff to grow up into a gorgeous pussy cat! Balanced calcium & phosphorus levels for strong bones, optimised protein & fat levels for a healthy balanced growth & DHA to support learning & brain development!
1.5Kg 15.19
FD1072Meowing Heads "Purr-nickety"
A feast of adult salmon and chicken complete cat food specially formulated for those really finicky prowlers. The fussiest cats we know love it! This scrumptious feast of salmon, chicken & fish will have your purr-nickety cat looking gorgeous, feeling great and purring for more!
1.5Kg 13.19
FD1073Meowing Heads "Hey Good Looking"
A delicious adult chicken complete cat food. We all have a little bit of the 'diva' in us, and your feline friend is no exception! This delicious dinner delivers all the nutrition needed for their nights out on the tiles and will also make sure they look and feel their best on the catwalk... meeeeow!
1.5Kg 13.19
FD288Hills Science Plan Oral Care1.5kg 15.49
FD289Hills Science Optimal Care2kg17.99
FD487Hills Science Plan Hairball Control1.5kg15.49
FD292Arden Grange Cat - Fresh Chicken and Potato2kg 13.99
FD293Arden Grange Cat - Fresh Salmon and Potato2kg 16.69
FD309Burns Ocean Fish2kg 12.49
FD310Burns Chicken and Brown Rice2kg 11.99
FD301Hi Life Just Tuna with Prawns in Jelly85g0.69
FD783Hi Life Just Tuna with Ocean Fish in Jelly85g0.69
FD784Hi Life Just Chopped Chicken in Jelly85g0.59
FD836Hi Life Tempt Me Chicken Collection in Jelly8 Pouches4.89
FD1087Hi Life Tempt Me Seafood Assortment in Sauce8 Pouches4.89
FD297CWhiskas Chicken in JellyCan 0.76
FD297LWhiskas Lamb in JellyCan 0.76
FD297BWhiskas Beef in JellyCan 0.76
FD297TWhiskas Turkey in JellyCan 0.76
FD302Whiskas ChickenPouch Was 0.59
Now 0.42
FD304Whiskas TunaPouch Was 0.59
Now 0.42
FD782Whiskas RabbitPouch 0.42
FD311Go-Cat Complete - Tuna and Herring2Kg6.49
FD313Whiskas - Chicken2kg 7.39
FD1042Felix As Good As It Looks Meat Selection In Jelly12 Pouches 5.99
FD314Whiskas Meat Selection in Jelly12 Pouches 4.89
FD315Whiskas Kitten - Chicken12 Pouches Was 4.99
Now 4.89
FD316Kit-e-Kat Meaty Feast12 Pouches 4.09
FD489Kit-e-Kat Fish Dish12 Pouches4.09

Please ask if we do not stock anything you require as we may be able to Order it for YOU!!!!

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