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ImageStock CodeDescriptionPrice
AC362Fuzz Off Pet Hair Remover 2.25
AC403Fuzz Off Pet Hair Remover Refill 1.39
AC379Collapsible Travel Bowl 4.99
AC383Dog Treat Bag 3.99
AC1091Go-Slow Anti Gulp Bowl 12.39
AC137'The Boss' Bowl 7.49
AC011Melamine Dog Bowl 15cm 4.29
AC337Small China Bowl Was 5.49
Now 5.35
AC342Large Water Bowl9.99
AC353Lettered Dog Bowl 20cm 8.35
AC354Lettered Dog Bowl 16cm 5.99
AC338Lettered Dog Bowl 13cm 4.85
AC357Stainless Steel Bowl 25cm Was 6.49
Now 5.35
AC356Stainless Steel Bowl 21cmWas 5.35
Now 4.49
AC349Stainless Steel Bowl 16cm Was 4.49
Now 3.49
AC348Stainless Steel Bowl 13cm 3.19
AC347Stainless Steel Bowl 11cm Was 2.49
Now 2.35
AC352Stainless Steel Puppy Pan 35cm 6.89
AC351Stainless Steel Puppy Pan 25cm 5.35
AC350Stainless Steel Puppy Pan 20cm 4.49
AC334Non-Slip Bowl 24oz 23cm 6.99
AC300Pet Double Feeding Bowl - Various Colours 2.65
AC766Pet Double Feeding Bowl - Various Colours 2.25
AC1039Automated Pet Feeder Two Meals Was 35.95
Now 31.99
AC241Dog Place Mat3.15
AC045LDog Lead Shock Absorber - Large 4.25
AC045MDog Lead Shock Absorber - Medium 3.49
AC1040LDog Safety Collar 40cm to 60 cm 9.35
AC1040MDog Safety Collar 30cm to 40 cm 6.99
AC363Pet Corrector 9.99
AC1066Poop Bag Dispensor with Torch 3.95
AC1067Poop Bags Pack of 60 3.39
AC384Anti-Bacteria Poop Scoop Bags 2.39
AC432Pedigree Easy Scoop 3.39
AC637House Training Pads13.69
AC505Dog Waterer12.09
AC512SDog Cage 24" x 18" x 20.5"Was 52.49
Now 46.00
AC512LDog Cage 36" x 23.5" x 26"Was 86.49
Now 65.00
AC756Silent Dog Whistle5.19
AC037Multi-Purpose Whistle4.59
AC760Proffesional Dog Whistle3.25
AC757Click'n'Train Training Device2.79
AC799Spiral Tie-Out Stake4.55
AC800Dog Tie Out Cable 20ft17.49
AC901S3030" Outhwaite Breath Comfort Waterproof Coat41.99
AC901S2828" Outhwaite Breath Comfort Waterproof Coat37.29
AC901S2626" Outhwaite Breath Comfort Waterproof Coat33.49
AC901S2424" Outhwaite Breath Comfort Waterproof Coat31.49
AC901S2222" Outhwaite Breath Comfort Waterproof Coat30.89
AC901S2020" Outhwaite Breath Comfort Waterproof Coat27.29
AC901S1818" Outhwaite Breath Comfort Waterproof Coat21.99
AC901S1616" Outhwaite Breath Comfort Waterproof Coat18.99
AC901S1414" Outhwaite Breath Comfort Waterproof Coat16.99
AC901S1212" Outhwaite Breath Comfort Waterproof Coat15.59
AC709S2626" Waxed Fleece Coat29.99
AC709S2424" Waxed Fleece CoatWas 25.99
Now 22.49
AC709S2222" Waxed Fleece CoatWas 23.99
Now 21.29
AC709S2020" Waxed Fleece CoatWas 21.99
Now 20.49
AC710S1818" Waxed Dog CoatWas 19.99
Now 16.09
AC710S1010" Waxed Dog CoatWas 10.99
Now 10.19
AC711Car Seat Cover - Navy21.99
AC072XLTravel and Exercise Harness - Extra Large21.89
AC072LTravel and Exercise Harness - Large19.79
AC072MTravel and Exercise Harness - Medium18.15
AC072STravel and Exercise Harness - Small15.99
AC902S4Ancol Mesh Muzzle Size 49.49
AC902S3Ancol Mesh Muzzle Size 39.49
AC902S2Ancol Mesh Muzzle Size 26.65
AC902S1Ancol Mesh Muzzle Size 16.65
AC902S0Ancol Mesh Muzzle Size 06.29
AC716S5Nylon Fabric Muzzle - Size 5 - Rottweiler, Bull Mastiff12.49
AC716S4Nylon Fabric Muzzle - Size 4 - Wolfhound, Great Dane, St. Bernard11.99
AC716S3XLNylon Fabric Muzzle - Size 3XL - Larger Sizes of 311.49
AC753S12Size 12 - Boxer16.15
AC753S10Size 10 - Newfoundland, Great Dane14.89
AC753S9Size 9 - O.E.S.D., G.S.D.13.49
AC753S7Size 7 - Springer, Pointer10.99
AC753S5Size 5 - Corgi, Fox Terrier10.65
AC753S3Size 3 - Dachshund8.59
AC721Metal ID Tube2.59
AC778'Get Off' Cat and Dog Repellent Crystals6.89
AC869Staywell 2 Way Medium Pet Door - For Dogs upto 18KgWas 38.89
Now 26.99
AC870Dog Mate - Large Pet DoorWas 54.19
Now 34.19

Please ask if we do not stock anything you require as we may be able to Order it for YOU!!!!

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