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Please ask if we do not stock anything you require as we may be able to Order it for YOU!

Collar Size Guide
112 inchBichon Frize, Chihuahau, Poneranian, Yorkshire Terrier.
214 inchDachshund (Miniature), Jack Russell, Pekingese, Poodle (Toy).
316 inchCairn Terrier, Dachshund, Poodle (Miniature), Welsh Corgi.
418 inchBeagle, Cavalier King Charles, Fox Terrier, Pug, Sheltie, West Highland Terrier.
520 inchCocker Spaniel, Poodle (Standard), Saluki, Springer Spaniel.
622 inchAfghan Hound, Airedale Terrier, Border Collie, Dalmation.
724 inchBassett, Bulldog, Chow Chow, Doberman, Irish/English Setter, Pointer, Weirmaraner.
826 inchGerman Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Gordon Setter, Great Dane, Labrador, Old English Sheepdog.

ImageStock CodeDescriptionSizePrice
LD1166LPink Adjustable Collar21-24"/53-60cm5.65
LD1167LPink Lead1"7.49
LD1168STartan Blue Adjustable Collar10-14"/25-35cm5.29
LD1169MTartan Blue Lead3/4"7.59
LD1169STartan Blue Lead1/2"6.45
LD1170STartan Red Adjustable Collar10-14"/25-35cm5.29
LD1171LTartan Red Lead1"8.69
LD1172SCircles Blue Adjustable Collar10-14"/25-35cm5.29
LD1173SCircles Blue Lead1/2"6.45
LD1175LCircles Pink Lead1"8.69
LD1175MCircles Pink Lead3/4"7.59
LD1177SStars Black Lead1/2"6.45
LD1179SFlowers Pink Lead1/2"6.45
LD1180MPaws and Bones, Black and Pink Adjustable Collar14-18"/35-45cm6.49
LD1181SPaws and Bones, Black and Pink Lead1/2"6.45
LD1182SPaws and Bones, Red Adjustable Collar10-14"/25-35cm5.29
LD1183LPaws and Bones, Red Lead1"8.69
LD1183MPaws and Bones, Red Lead3/4"7.59
LD1183SPaws and Bones, Red Lead1/2"6.45
LD1080S7Ancol Red Padded CollarSize 78.35
LD1080S6Ancol Red Padded CollarSize 67.89
LD1080S5Ancol Red Padded CollarSize 57.19
LD1081S7Ancol Blue Padded CollarSize 78.35
LD1081S6Ancol Blue Padded CollarSize 67.89
LD1081S5Ancol Blue Padded CollarSize 57.19
LD741S2Ancol Double Chain CollarSize 28.95
LD741S3Ancol Double Chain CollarSize 39.59
LD062S4Ancol Triple Chain CollarSize 411.69
LD062S5Ancol Triple Chain CollarSize 512.19
LD062S6Ancol Triple Chain CollarSize 6Was 13.49
Now 12.99
LD062S7Ancol Triple Chain CollarSize 7Was 14.99
Now 13.35
LD062S8Ancol Triple Chain CollarSize 8Was 16.99
Now 14.35
LD307Fine Chain Lead35"7.79
LD308Heavy Chain Lead36"10.65
LD400LTan Leather Lead25mm x 1M12.99
LD400MTan Leather Lead19mm x 1M11.45
LD400STan Leather Lead12mm x 1M8.55
LD401LBlack Leather Lead25mm x 1M12.99
LD401MBlack Leather Lead19mm x 1M11.45
LD401SBlack Leather Lead12mm x 1M8.55
LD333SRed Leather Lead12mm x 1M8.55
LD012Blue Rope Slip Lead1.2M9.99
LD192Red Rope Slip Lead1.2M9.99
LD480S8Ancol Studded Tan Leather Collar Size 811.79
LD063S7Ancol Studded Tan Leather CollarSize 710.59
LD063S6Ancol Studded Tan Leather CollarSize 69.75
LD064S8Ancol Tan Leather CollarSize 810.99
LD064S7Ancol Tan Leather CollarSize 710.75
LD064S6Ancol Tan Leather CollarSize 6 9.25
LD064S5Ancol Tan Leather CollarSize 58.09
LD064S4Ancol Tan Leather CollarSize 46.75
LD064S3Ancol Tan Leather CollarSize 36.35
LD064S2Ancol Tan Leather CollarSize 2 6.09
LD064S1Ancol Tan Leather CollarSize 14.59
LD065S7Ancol Red Leather CollarSize 710.75
LD065S6Ancol Red Leather CollarSize 69.25
LD065S5Ancol Red Leather CollarSize 58.09
LD065S4Ancol Red Leather CollarSize 46.75
LD065S3Ancol Red Leather CollarSize 36.35
LD065S2Ancol Red Leather CollarSize 26.09
LD065S1Ancol Red Leather CollarSize 14.59
LD066S8Ancol Black Leather CollarSize 810.99
LD066S7Ancol Black Leather CollarSize 710.75
LD066S6Ancol Black Leather CollarSize 69.25
LD066S5Ancol Black Leather CollarSize 58.09
LD066S4Ancol Black Leather CollarSize 46.75
LD066S3Ancol Black Leather CollarSize 36.35
LD066S2Ancol Black Leather CollarSize 26.09
LD066S1Ancol Black Leather CollarSize 14.59
LD067S8Ancol Black Nylon CollarSize 8Was 7.49
Now 6.75
LD067S6Ancol Black Nylon CollarSize 66.79
LD067S5Ancol Black Nylon CollarSize 56.35
LD067S4Ancol Black Nylon CollarSize 45.15
LD067S3Ancol Black Nylon CollarSize 34.95
LD067S2Ancol Black Nylon CollarSize 24.69
LD067S1Ancol Black Nylon CollarSize 14.29
LD068S6Ancol Blue Nylon CollarSize 66.79
LD068S5Ancol Blue Nylon CollarSize 56.35
LD068S4Ancol Blue Nylon CollarSize 45.15
LD068S3Ancol Blue Nylon CollarSize 34.95
LD068S2Ancol Blue Nylon CollarSize 24.69
LD068S1Ancol Blue Nylon CollarSize 14.29
LD069S6Ancol Red Nylon CollarSize 66.79
LD069S5Ancol Red Nylon CollarSize 56.35
LD069S4Ancol Red Nylon CollarSize 45.15
LD069S3Ancol Red Nylon CollarSize 34.95
LD069S2Ancol Red Nylon CollarSize 24.69
LD069S1Ancol Red Nylon CollarSize 14.29
LD195Ancol Viva Red 5m Tape Retractable LeadUpto 50Kg31.19
LD1041Ancol Viva Blue 5m Tape Retractable LeadUpto 50kg31.19
LD122Flexi Classic 2 Red Extention Lead 5mUpto 20kg15.89
LD124Flexi Classic 2 Blue Extention Lead 5mUpto 20kg15.89
LD073LAncol Nylon Black LeadWidth 25mm7.59
LD073MAncol Nylon Black LeadWidth 19mm6.25
LD073SAncol Nylon Black LeadWidth 12mm5.45
LD074LAncol Nylon Blue LeadWidth 25mm7.59
LD074MAncol Nylon Blue LeadWidth 19mm6.25
LD074SAncol Nylon Blue LeadWidth 12mm5.45
LD482LAncol Nylon Red Lead Width 25mm7.59
LD482MAncol Nylon Red Lead Width 19mm6.25
LD483Ancol Nylon Red Lead Width 12mm5.45
LD810S9Half Check Collar Size 5-97.29
LD810S7Half Check Collar Size 4-76.29
LD810S4Half Check Collar Size 2-45.45
LD810S2Half Check Collar Size 1-24.79
LD678S26Choke Chain 26"5.65
LD678S24Choke Chain 24"4.89
LD678S22Choke Chain 22"4.35
LD678S20Choke Chain 20"3.99
LD678S18Choke Chain 18"3.99
LD678S16Choke Chain 16"3.69
LD678S14Choke Chain 14"Was 3.69
Now 3.29
LD680S5Red Softweave CollarSize 56.25
LD680S4Red Softweave CollarSize 45.35
LD680S3Red Softweave CollarSize 34.65
LD680S2Red Softweave CollarSize 24.35
LD680S1Red Softweave CollarSize 13.85
LD681S6Black Softweave CollarSize 66.35
LD681S5Black Softweave CollarSize 56.25
LD681S4Black Softweave CollarSize 45.35
LD681S3Black Softweave CollarSize 34.65
LD681S2Black Softweave CollarSize 24.35
LD681S1Black Softweave CollarSize 13.85
LD682S6Blue Softweave CollarSize 66.35
LD682S5Blue Softweave CollarSize 56.25
LD682S4Blue Softweave CollarSize 45.35
LD682S3Blue Softweave CollarSize 34.65
LD682S2Blue Softweave CollarSize 24.35
LD682S1Blue Softweave CollarSize 13.85
LD683Blue Reflective Rope Lead44"7.79
LD684Red Reflective Rope Lead44"7.79
LD687SBlack Nylon Rope Lead60cm9.85
LD688SRed Nylon Rope Lead60cm9.85
LD689SBlue Nylon Rope Lead60cm9.85
LD687LBlack Nylon Rope Lead107cm11.15
LD688LRed Nylon Rope Lead107cm11.15
LD689LBlue Nylon Rope Lead107cm11.15
LD602Clix 5M Recall Line5M10.95
LD819Clix 10M Recall Line10M14.99
LD1090BHalti Training Lead - BlackLarge12.49
LD1090RHalti Training Lead - RedLarge12.49
LD714XLPadded HarnessExtra Large17.25
LD714LPadded HarnessLarge16.99
LD714MPadded HarnessMediumWas 16.49
Now 15.69
LD714SPadded HarnessSmallWas 14.99
Now 12.29
LD715LNon-Pull HarnessLarge18.99
LD715MNon-Pull HarnessMedium16.69
LD715SNon-Pull HarnessSmall15.39
LD370Bling Bling BlinkersN/AWas 4.99
Now 3.09
LD765S0Halti - The Head Collar For Kind Control - Mini Dachshund, Toy Poodle, Yorkshire TerrierSize 012.99
LD765S1Halti - The Head Collar For Kind Control - Border Terrier, Jack Russell, Cairnm, Kin Charles Cavalier, Corgi, Standard Dachshund, Sheltie, Westie, WhippetSize 112.99
LD765S2Halti - The Head Collar For Kind Control - Basenji, Beagle, Border collie, Buhund, Cockers, Rough Collie, Saluki, Samoyed, Staffie, Standard PoodleSize 212.99
LD765S3Halti - The Head Collar For Kind Control - Afghan, Airedale, Boxer, Briard, Chow Ch0ow, Dlamation, Doberman, Greyhound, German Shepherd, Husky, Labradoor, Pointers, Retrievers, Setters, WeirmranerSize 312.99
LD765S4Halti - The Head Collar For Kind Control - Bernese, Bull Mastiff, Great Dane, Newfoundland, Pyrenean, Ridgeback, Rottweiller, WolfhoundSize 412.99
LD765S5Halti - The Head Collar For Kind Control - Bloodhound, Large Danes, Mastiff, St BernardSize 512.99

Please ask if we do not stock anything you require as we may be able to Order it for YOU!!!!

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