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ImageStock CodeDescriptionPrice
TY317Vinyl Pig Squeaker Toy4.29
TY306Wild Tug Lizard5.99
TY199Small Vinyl Rope Tug1.99
TY299Tough Rubber Shape6.99
TY4066" Training Dumbell6.29
TY158Rope'N'Ball Throw Tug Toy2.99
TY1098Dog Activity Mot-Fun, Floatable 9cm5.49
TY1099Dog Activity Mot-Fun, Floatable 20cm7.99
TY1124Dog Disc, Natural Rubber, 18cm4.99
TY1125Dog Disc, Natural Rubber, 22cm5.99
TY1126Dog Disc, Thermoplastic Rubber, 18cm5.49
TY1127Dog Disc, Thermoplastic Rubber, 22cm6.99
TY1130UFO Flashing Ball3.99
TY1136Neon Ball, Foam Rubber, 6cm2.59
TY1138Animal Toy Ball, Latex, 6cm3.99
TY1139Soft Soccer Toy Ball, 11cm2.99
TY1142Toy Ball, Natural Rubber, 6cm4.49
TY1143Toy Ball, Natural Rubber, 9cm7.99
TY1147Dog Activity Snack Ball, 6cm4.49
TY1153Sheep, Latex, 14cm5.49
TY1158Pig, Original Animal Sound, Latex, 23cm7.99
TY1159Duck, Original Animal Sound, Latex, 30cm8.99
TY1160Bristle Pig, Original Animal Sound, Latex, 21cm7.99
TY817Pimple Ball On A RopeWas 4.79
Now 4.25
TY16320cm Rope3.15
TY15538cm Rope4.99
TY9233 Knot Strong Rope Toy 6.99
TY173Mayfield Dog Toy 4.35
TY175Rubber Bone 5.75" 2.89
TY176Rubber Burger 1.99
TY178LRubber Ball 3 inch 5.29
TY181Ball'N'Rope Dumbell 3.49
TY182Rubber Dumbell (Various Colours) 2.99
TY185LRubber Tyre - Large 11.15
TY185MRubber Tyre - Medium 7.49
TY185SRubber Tyre - Small4.99
TY389MPuppy Kong Binkie - Medium6.89
TY389LPuppy Kong Binkie - Large8.99
TY822MPuppy Kong Teething Stick - Medium7.49
TY822SPuppy Kong Teething Stick - Small5.69
TY824Puppy Kong Squeaker - Medium9.15
TY825Puppy Kong Flyer7.79
TY909Kong Extreme Flyer10.99
TY826LPuppy Kong - Large9.59
TY826MPuppy Kong - Medium8.19
TY826SPuppy Kong - Small6.19
TY827Cool Aqua Kong - Large11.99
TY828Air Kong Fetch Stick7.99
TY829Kong Wubba9.29
TY830Kong Wet Wubba8.99
TY831Kong Puppy Wubba6.79
TY834LKong Air Dog - LargeWas 8.45
Now 8.35
TY834MKong Air Dog - Medium6.99
TY834SKong Air Dog - Small5.39
TY835LKong Air Dog Donut - Large8.35
TY835SKong Air Dog Donut - Small5.29
TY392Kong - Small 6.29
TY393XLClassic Kong - Extra Large 15.65
TY393LClassic Kong - Large Was 11.99
Now 10.99
TY393MClassic Kong - Medium 8.75
TY394Puppy Kong Goodie Bone 6.59
TY395LPuppy Bone - Large 13.59
TY395MPuppy Bone - Medium 7.99
TY395SPuppy Bone - Small 6.49
TY877Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit 10.99
TY823Nylabone Puppy Fish 14.49
TY396MAir Kong Squeakers Medium Balls (Pack of 3) 4.75
TY396XSAir Kong Squeakers Extra Small Balls (Pack of 3) 3.39
TY405Tennis Ball 0.85
TY473Tennis Ball Launcher Was 6.49
Now 4.69
TY639Training Treat BallWas 6.75
Now 5.69
TY656Nylabone Original - Petite Size4.55
TY657Nylabone Original - Regular Size5.99
TY871Nylabone Original Flavour - Giant11.49
TY661Nylabone Original - Souper Size14.15
TY661CNylabone Chicken - Souper Size14.15
TY833Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys - Medium9.99
TY662LCanvas Training Dummy - Large7.99
TY662SCanvas Training Dummy - Medium7.99
TY665Easy Pick-Up Doggy Disc (Various Colours)3.95
TY679Rubber Tug (Various Colours)4.15

Please ask if we do not stock anything you require as we may be able to Order it for YOU!!!!

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