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Please ask if we do not stock anything you require as we may be able to Order it for YOU!

ImageStock CodeDescriptionPrice
TR884Anco Naturals Deer Hide Roll 1.99
TR761Anco Naturals Chicken in Chips 1.99
TR371Anco Naturals Bully Jerky 1.99
TR196Anco Naturals Chicken wings 3.29
TR1079Anco Naturals Bully Tails 3.29
TR312Anco Naturals Chicken Necks 3.29
TR672Burns Kelties 2.75
TR345Burns Weight Control Treats 2.75
TR358Burns Sensitive Pork Treats 3.15
TR365Burns Training Treats 1.19
TR378Pet Munchies Chicken and Cheese 3.45
TR040Pet Munchies Salmon Bites 3.45
TR1030Pet Munchies Chicken Chips 3.45
TR1031Pet Munchies Duck Breast Fillets 3.45
TR1032Pet Munchies Ocean White Fish 3.45
TR1033Pet Munchies Chicken Strips 3.45
TR239Betty Miller Cheese Fantails 3.79
TR134Misfits Scruffy Bites, Mouth Watering Morsels 1.59
TR135Misfits Tangly Twists, Flavoured with Tempting Beef and Cheese 1.59
TR016Pedigree Dentaflex Large (25Kg+) 2.19
TR054Pedigree Dentaflex Medium (10-25Kg) 1.69
TR095Pooch and Mutt Fresh Breath Treats 3.45
TR096Pooch and Mutt Calm and Relaxed Treats 3.45
TR105Pooch and Mutt Puppy Development Treats 3.45
TR1021Puppy Petites 2.98
TR049Markies Original3.95
TR050Mini Markies3.98
TR051Bonio Original 3.98
TR048Mini Bonio 3.98
TR910Bonio Happy Fibre 4.00
TR053Good Boy Sugar Free Choc Drops 2.59
TR055Dog Choc Drops - Large 2.98
TR058Pedigree Milky Bones 1.99
TR060Pedigree Gravy Bones 3.99
TR905Pedigree Chicken Gravy Bones 3.99
TR906Pedigree Biscrok 3.99
TR061Winalot Shapes 3.99
TR075Pork Roll 1.29
TR888Tripe Sticks 1.99
TR1025Small Bangers 2.99
TR078Pointer Tripe Stick 0.75
TR079Pointer Chicken Stick 0.75
TR907Davies Chicken and Rice Stick 0.35
TR080Smoked Bone 2.55
TR081Calcium Bone 2.55
TR082Assorted Filled Bone 1.59
TR083Smoked Filled Bone 1.59
TR084Pig Ear 1.35
TR085Pig Trotter 2.95
TR762Filled Cow Hoof 1.39
TR086Mega Ham Bone 2.45
TR087Roast Bone 1.55
TR088100 No 5 inch Dog Chews 5.25
TR089100 Mint Sticks 5.99
TR097100 No Hide Chews Was 14.49
Now 11.65
TR099Arden Grange Crunchy Salmon Bites 2.99
TR915Arden Grange Crunchy Chicken Bites 2.99
TR1022Arden Grange Liver Treat Paste 2.69
TR100Davies Puffed Jerky 2.15
TR214Bulls Pizzle 1.69
TR215Antos Split Antler, Large 8.45
TR217MAntos Split Antler, Medium 6.15
TR217SAntos Split Antler, Small 4.59
TR10212 inch Hide KnotWas 4.49
Now 3.99
TR1038 inch Hide Knot 2.99
TR1044 inch Hide Knot 1.05
TR1068 inch Hide Shoe 2.39
TR1075 inch Hide Shoe 0.99
TR108Crocodile Vegetable Treat 2.09
TR109Hedgehog Vegetable Treat 2.19
TR110LGiant Star Vegetable Stick 2.75
TR110SMini Star Vegetable Stick 0.44
TR112Vegetable Toothbrush 2.15
TR113Vegetable Pig Ear 1.69
TR115Rice Cross Bone 0.99
TR1026Rice Bone 1.15
TR116Fresh Breath Mint Bone 0.59
TR1027Mint Stick 0.14
TR1029HiLife Special Dental Care Chews 5.49
TR11710 inch Hide Knuckle 3.49
TR1188 inch Hide Knuckle 3.19
TR1194 inch Hide Knuckle 1.10
TR1205 inch Hide Cigar 0.64
TR73910 inch Hide Cigar Was 1.79
Now 1.19
TR121Large Twist Was 0.39
Now 0.35
TR838Hide Flat 0.20
TR1236" Hide Ring 3.75
TR1262" Laced Hide Ball Was 1.55
Now 1.35
TR128Munchy Bones 0.60
TR840Munchy Kebab 0.79
TR130Roast Pork Bone 1.25
TR839Breath and Dental Care Treats for Dogs and Puppies 2.55
TR150Bakers Allsorts Whirlers 2.09
TR149Bakers Sizzlers (Adult)Was 2.39
Now 2.19
TR479Pedigree Jumbone Mini2.55
TR147Pedigree Jumbone (Maxi) 2.85
TR148Coaching Training Treats 200g 2.99
TR136Coachies - Puppy Chicken Treats 200g 2.99
TR1024Wagg Puppy Treats 1.29
TR140Pedigree Schmackos Multi 2.49
TR740Pedigree Schmackos Chicken 2.49
TR211LPedigree Denta Stix (Large) 2.75
TR211MPedigree Denta Stix (Medium) 2.59
TR1088MPedigree Denta Stix Fresh (Medium) 2.59
TR145Pedigree Tasty Bites - Chewy Slices 1.99

Please ask if we do not stock anything you require as we may be able to Order it for YOU!!!!

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