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ImageStock CodeDescriptionPrice SinglePrice for 10
FD940Frozen Mice Pinkies 0.36 3.50
FD941Frozen Mice Lge-Pinkies 0.40 3.90
FD942Frozen Mice Fuzzies 0.62 6.00
FD943Frozen Mice Hoppers 0.64 6.20
FD944Frozen Mice Small 0.70 6.80
FD945Frozen Mice Medium 0.90 8.80
FD946Frozen Mice Large 1.10 10.80
FD947Frozen Mice Extra Large 1.50 14.50
FD948Frozen Rat Pups 0.69 6.80
FD949Frozen Rat Fuzzies 1.10 10.80
FD950Frozen Rat Sml-Weaner 1.70 16.50
FD951Frozen Rat Lge-Weaner 2.30 22.50
FD952Frozen Rat Small 2.49 24.00
FD953Frozen Chicks 0.12 1.10

ImageStock CodeDescriptionPrice
FD924Silent Crickets pre-pack, Large 2.39
FD925Silent Crickets pre-pack, Standard 2.39
FD926Silent Crickets pre-pack, Medium 2.39
FD927Silent Crickets pre-pack, Med/Small 2.39
FD928Silent Crickets pre-pack, Small 2.39
FD929Black Crickets pre-pack, Extra-Large 2.39
FD930Black Crickets pre-pack, Stand/Large 2.39
FD931Black Crickets pre-pack, Medium 2.39
FD932Locust pre-pack, Extra-Large 2.39
FD933Locust pre-pack, Large 2.39
FD934Locust pre-pack, Medium 2.39
FD935Locust pre-pack, Small 2.39
FD936Mealworm pre-pack 2.39
FD937Giant Mealworm/Morio pre-pack 2.39
FD938Mini Mealworm pre-pack 2.39
FD939Waxworms 15g (in shavings) pre-pack 3.29
FD954Herb Mix 50g 3.49
FD955Flower Mix 50g 4.59
FD059King British Turtle and Terrapin Complete Food 80g 5.99
FD956ProRep Tortoise Food 250g5.49

Please ask if we do not stock anything you require as we may be able to Order it for YOU!!!!

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